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Nice comments from clients who have used the services of A Colon Care Center.

Arlene M.

“Colon therapy is great.  It kept my body moving for years.  Now I am on my own, and I couldn’t have done it without Michele’s help.”  Newman, GA.

Valarie Q.

“Michele is wonderful to work with.  I really appreciate her gentleness and I feel so much better after she had worked on me.  She is very professional and she is lots of fun.  Now that I have moved  away, I really miss her!”  Valarie Q., – Bristol, TN

Deborah S.

I have been having colonics with Michele Miglino for over 18 years.
I have recommended colon hydrotherapy to many others over the years and they have had the same positive results as I have.

If you have never had colon hydrotherapy before due to lack of knowledge or perhaps fear, I would without hesitation tell you that if you care about your overall health and especially your digestive health to call Michele. She will answer all your questions and put you right at ease! Parkland, Fl.

Heath J.

The only time I was hesitant about colon therapy was the first time.

Michele has a knack for making the uncomfortable, comfortable, and the embarrassing, funny and interesting.

Multiple time repeat offender. Pompano Beach, Fl. 

Lorraine S.

I have been a client of A Colon Care Center since 2004. 

Michele loves her work as a Colon Therapist; a corollary of this is a thoroughly cleaned out colon.. She follows a protocol which she

completes during a specified time.

Before I started having colonics on a regular basis, I was suffering with a lot of stomach pain and constipation. I had no idea how “clogged” one’s colon can become, especially from years of poor nutrition, digestion and lack of proper bowel movements. Deerfield Beach, Fl.

Jennifer O.

“After trying to solve my own “internal problems” for close to a year, I was referred to Michele by a very trusted source. I gave it a shot, and I’m so glad that I did. After my first three initial sessions, I had a much more regular schedule and felt almost completely back to normal. It also helps that Michele is a pleasure to be around, and makes me feel 100% comfortable during the process. I’m happy to have given colon hydrotherapy a chance!” – Boca Raton, Fl.       

R. B.

Michele is a master at administering colonics. They helped me detox after the effects of chemotherapy used for ovarian cancer. I am happy to say I am doing extremely well.   (Currently, this lady does not look like she was ever sick a day in her life. MM) –Boca Raton, FL