Michele Miglino
L.M.T. / C.C.T.
State & Nationally Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

EST.LIC #MM18325
LIC # MA0007506

Michele has been a Colon Hydrotherapist for over 26 years.  

She believes that internal cleansing is at least as important as external cleansing.  Michele has often said "We wash the outside of our body every day, why not wash the inside once a week, or even once a month?"

If we don't always eat the way our body needs us to eat, or drink enough water, or have a bowel release after every meal, than cleaning out the colon is one part of the answer to better our health.

Michele feels her main purpose is to support as many people as possible in their quest for health and to educate them about colon hydrotherapy so they may then educate others in their quest for better health.

We have testimonials from clients, in their own words for you to get some idea of what others are saying about this all important therapy.