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Quick answers to simple questions. Please re-check here often as things do change over time!

How long does a colon care session take?

The session usually takes about an hour.

How much does it cost?

At A Colon Care Center the cost for a walk in is $100/session.

Does my health care coverage pay for this session?

Not usually

Does it hurt?

You will feel something, but severe discomfort is rare. Usually, discomfort is related to the waste material moving through the colon as it is being released. Once the release starts, the discomfort usually lessens.

Is any preparation required?

Hydration for several days before a session is a good idea. Also, not eating or drinking for 2 hours before your session, to lessen any discomfort, is recommended.

What happens during a colonic session?

A tube, called a speculum, is inserted into the rectal canal. Attached to the speculum are two tubes, one for the clean water and one for the waste to be released out of the colon. Water is introduced slowly and gently to hydrate and stimulate the colon. Then the drain is opened and you get to release the fecal matter along with the water. During the release, if you allow me, I massage your abdomen to help facilitate the release. This can be very soothing.